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Thank you so much, John! I can't tell you how much my wife and I appreciate this. You guys go above and beyond in caring for your customers. Merry Christmas! (Brett December 2014)

Well to start with let me tell you what kind of company Lockeduplove is. I first ordered a cb6000 on June 19th on July 16th I hadn’t received it so I contacted the company by email and got results almost instantly. The package was lost in the mail somewhere so Lockeduplove sent me a second package at no charge. I received the second one in 12 days, which I thought was very good since I’m in Canada. The first package finally arrived on August 30th  That’s ten weeks eight of which it was lost in the postal system. I was very impressed the way the company handled this, they are without a doubt a first rate company that takes customer service very serious. (edited for brevity) We are Quite sure we will never return to an unlocked life style again. If you are reading this and thinking about purchasing a Chastity Device. As a happily Married couple we would say do it it’s a very small price to pay for the incredible pleasure you both can receive and stop looking at other suppliers of male Chastity Devices because in my opinion Lockeduplove is the only company to deal with they are without a doubt a first class company.(Mark, October 2014) 

 Thank you guys so much for my special request.  You guys are amazing to go out of your way to help a customer.  I cannot express how grateful I am to you guys.  I am so excited about having a device that fits properly.  Not to mention how much of a help you are.  I am so amazed at how willing you were to help someone out.  I am humbled by your customer service and your ability to work with me and how terrific you guys are.  Thank you again, Ray W. (October 2013)

Thanks for the fast shipment and multiple confirmation emails. Not to mention how much cheaper you guys were on this product as compared to anyone else I found. (M.T., April 2013)

You are by far the best company to buy from.  Helpful and knowledgeable.  Thank You again.  Todd (January 2013)

Thank you guys for being an awesome store. My key holder and I love your sale prices!  Rick O. (November 2012)

You are a merchant we can trust to ship fast and accurately!  Kenneth (December 2012)

I wanted to say thank you for all your help and support throughout ordering the Queens Keep device. We are very happy with the device. Anne (December 2012)

I have been a repeat customer for over 3 years, I have never received less than excellent service or price. Items have always ship quickly, many times ahead of schedule!  Jay (December 2012) 

 "Wife just thought I was crazy at that point, but when the CB came in she got a little more curious.  I locked myself up last night and we're currently undergoing the initial 24 hour comfort beta test.  She was more interested in my comfort this morning and is willing to take the keys afterwards, doesnt find it as repulsive as she thought (her initial thoughts were "your sleeping in boxers from now on" but by this morn I was going nude all over the house). 

Needless to say, she is experiencing the benefits already :)  I'm so genuinely happy that she appeased my curiosity so it's lifting both our moods and making her like the thing.  Especially last night when she said "what if this plan of yours backfires and I keep you locked up for a year or two"...I got so hard it took 45 minutes to calm down before I could get the damn thing on! (David in Alabama (October 2012)

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